About Us

Hello to all the dominants and submissives who have visited our website,

I'm Amber, and I'm the owner of TGM (The Gimp Mask). This is a prominent destination where you can find an exquisite gimp mask collection, bondage hoods and BDSM masks.

The story of TGM commences with my partner and me seeking to add some spice to our intimate life. While we had been exploring light BDSM, we gradually found ourselves more deeply immersed in the world of bondage.

In our everyday relationship, I often took charge. However, as we delved into dom/sub roleplay, a surprise awaited us - I embraced the role of the submissive. This transformation was unexpected but incredibly fulfilling. The pleasure I derived from submitting to my partner's commands was perfectly reciprocated by her delight in dominating me.

Initially, we encountered a challenge - fully immersing ourselves in our roles. It was difficult for me to take her orders seriously, and she struggled with imposing punishments. That's when we began experimenting with different outfits, and the turning point was the discovery of bondage hoods. The moment the material covered my face, I shed any ego or identity, becoming the ideal sex slave, and my partner responded in kind.

I launched TGM with just a few of my personal favorite gimp mask and BDSM selections. I'm thrilled to say that we've since expanded our range to offer a vast variety. I sincerely hope you derive as much pleasure from them as I do!

If you've come across a mask elsewhere that you can't find on our site, please don't hesitate to get in touch, and I'll do my best to accommodate your request :)

Warm regards,